Review: Justin Sayre

The chairman of the International Order of Sodomites is back in town! This time with a solo cabaret act called I’m Gorgeous Inside, on the topic of “bad girls.” Mostly about prostitutes, but also about strong rebellious women of all types. And of course, how Justin has looked at these “bad girls” as great role models, after a fashion.

It’s mostly the kind of storytelling “stand up” Sayre became noted for in his popular variety show The Meeting*, with a few songs interspersed. It’s less directly gay than The Meeting*, but with a whole lot more gowns and wigs for Justin to wear. His tough yet femme persona remains in glorious effect, brassy and bellowing as ever.

He does much more singing than he ever did in the variety show, and has clearly been hard at work honing his chanteuse skills. A haunting take on the Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says” was particularly well-sung and moving.

If this very entertaining show has a flaw, it’s that it can get a bit rambling. Sayre’s stories and thoughts are engaging at every turn, but the show as a whole is a bit of a butt buster for the audience. A minor flaw in a witty, hilarious show I can happily highly.

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