Review: La Soirée

La Soiree

Oh dear lord, the man candy in La Soirée!!! I’ve seen plenty of circus shows with half-or-more naked men, but this one delivers more toned flesh per minute than any other I’ve seen. And, for such folk as like such things, female performer Ursula Martinez goes the full monty for a magic act that gives new meaning to “nothing up my sleeve” (even though the bit wasn’t sexy for me, it was still quite funny). But the boys!!!

There’s aerialist Stephen Williams (pictured, above) whose “bath boy” routine is ridiculously erotic – he wears nothing but a wet, and very tight, pair of 501s. Acrobatic act The English Gents run a close second with provocative positions and surprise after surprise. And if you go for the svelte type, clown/juggler Mario, Queen of the Circus is very tight indeed (and wickedly funny in a decidedly sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll style).

But La Soirée is above all a variety show, not just all boys all the time (though I wouldn’t necessarily complain if it was). It also features cabaret acts, including singing from one of the most respected cabaret performers in the world, Meow Meow, accompanied by composer Lance Horne. The above-mentioned Martinez sings and jokes in addition to her nudist illusionism.

The appropriately named Miss Behave combines oddball circus stunts with a sensibility that’s campier than Christmas. And comedienne Mooky Cornish does audience participation in the kindest, most generous way I’ve seen, with truly hilarious results.

This is one of the most well-paced and structured circus variety shows I’ve ever seen, as well. No individual act overstays its welcome, nor does the show as a whole. A highly recommended evening of sexy fun!

For tickets, click here.

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