CD Review: “Carrie (Premiere Cast Recording)”

The latest incarnation of the legendarily troubled musical by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford is the first to receive a proper cast recording, and like the new Off-Broadway production the CD is an entertaining mixed bag, modestly tuneful and just bit campy, with flashes of truly grand music-drama. Its infamous 1988 Broadway run reportedly had some of the worst problems of tone and taste, in any art form, ever. This CD probably represents Gore and Pitchford’s vision for the show better than either production. In the singing department, Molly Ranson as Carrie can musically stand up to Marin Mazzie as Carrie’s hyper-religious mother Margaret – that’s a very good thing, since it is the scenes and songs shared by those two characters that have always been the best thing about Carrie. Mazzie roaring and wailing her way through those songs is certainly the best thing here.

To purchase, click here.

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