Review: Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway

What can you say? The man is almost supernaturally good-looking, has the charisma of a sun god, can sing and dance like Gene Kelly – so much so that he has become this generation’s definition of a song and dance man, like Kelly was for his. So, of course a show built solely with the intention of showcasing his talent can hardly miss – and it doesn’t miss. Jackman hits the showbiz bullseye with delirious panache.

As other people have observed, this isn’t a show that anyone else could do. The medleys that dominate the show are so individually tailored to Jackman, they would seem hackneyed in the hands of a lesser talent – in his hands they positively soar. Accompanied by an 18-piece orchestra, Hugh Jackman sings the songs he wants to sings, dances the steps Warren Carlyle has crafted for him, and tells the stories he wants to tell, whether they’re about Australia, Hollywood or New York.

And there’s obviously a lot for gay men here. First of all there’s the simple fact of seeing this unreal hunk live and in the flesh. Also, Jackman doesn’t shy away from camp; in fact he has immense fun camping it up whenever he can. His biggest opportunity for that comes at the top of the second act, where he channels gay showman/songwriter Peter Allen, like he did in The Boy From Oz. His Allen act is even gayer here than it was in Boy, if that’s possible.

There’s a reason this concert is one of the hottest tickets of the Broadway season. You’ll be doubly lucky if you can get a ticket: lucky to get that precious commodity in the first place, and lucky to see one of the theatre’s greatest entertainers at the peak of his form. This. Is. Legendary. 10s across the board.

For tickets, click here.

One thought on “Review: Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway

  1. Raimond Caluori


    Just saw Hugh’s show and…what a disappointment. We are big fans but this was a long two hours of unnecessary chat, self-indulgence and pandering to the masses with embarrassing audience participation. Things improved in the second act when Hugh actually sang song in their entirety.

    What do I know however….the NY audience loved it. I had to leave before the usual charity bit (for which I applaud Hugh….but theres a time and a place for that).

    Compared to Mandy and Patti’s clever and inspired show….this did not even come close.

    Good luck with your next movies Hugh. Looking forward your performance in Les Miserables….but, control the Merman’esq vibrato in that. A little more understated please. Let you true talent shine through.

    Disappointed from LA.

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