Review: The Judy Show

Out lesbian Judy Gold has a long history as a successful stand-up comedian, but in the last few years she has turned to evenings that combine a stand-up vibe with a more theatrical structure (with help from Beebo Brinker Chronicles co-writer Kate Moira Ryan). Her hit show 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother focused, as you would expect from the title, on Jewish motherhood – Judy’s relationship with her mother, her relationship with her own kids, as well as broader questions asked of any Jewish mother that would take the time to answer (which was plenty of mothers).

Her new piece The Judy Show sketches a broader autobiographical story, using the lens of her lifelong obsession with sitcoms. Early in the show, Judy reflects on what classic sitcoms taught her about the world, and what desires they stirred in her. As we approach the present day, those desires transform into a mission for Judy to get her own sitcom, and she hilariously and poignantly re-creates the many ill-fated pitch sessions she’s had with networks over the years.

Judy sings a number of sitcom themes (including the ones she’s penned for her own show), accompanying herself on piano, with subtle multimedia by designer Andrew Boyce. Before and after everything else, however, Gold is among the funniest stand up comedians working today, and she’s at her best when she’s scoring bulls-eyes with piercing observations (with colorful additional material by funny gay male Bob Smith and Rosie O’Donnell and Bette Midler scribe Eric Kornfeld). I’ll just put this plainly: Judy Gold is fucking hilarious, and can also be very touching. The Judy Show is tons of fun and I can’t recommend it enough, you really should see it.

For tickets, click here.

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