Archive Review: Frost/Nixon

From May 2007:

Peter Morgan is best known as the screenwriter of the award-winning films The Last King of Scotland and The Queen. In Frost/Nixon, his first play, Morgan continues his great success in transforming critical moments in late 20th century history into gripping drama.

The play is not, as some have suggested, a mere staging of the highlights of David Frost’s famous 1977 interview with disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon. Over three-quarters of the show are concerned with the context of that history making interview. Frank Langella’s oddly charismatic version of Nixon artfully portrays the tense enigma of this most perplexing American politician. The real heart of Frost/Nixon, however, is Frost’s struggle to be taken seriously as a journalist, as the man who took Nixon down.

As Frost, Michael Sheen presents the slyly reserved surface of this icon, all the while investing every moment with barely concealed ambition. Frost/Nixon is a really engaging piece of historical drama, which has the most to teach people unfamiliar with the incredibly high stakes of the Watergate scandal.

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