Review: The Kid

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The Kid is a modest musical that hits its modest marks, but with subject matter this promising, you hope for a little more. Based on the book of the same name by sex columnist Dan Savage, the show follows Savage (Christopher Sieber) as he and his boyfriend Terry (Lucas Steele) decide to start a family. 

The show’s greatest strength is its book by Michael Zam, which deftly captures the kindly smirking tone of Savage’s writing. The score by Andy Monroe (music) and Jack Lechner (lyrics) is sturdy pop/rock (except for some creaky recitative) which on a few occasions rises to the level of the memorable. There’s a terrific duet for Dan and Terry called “Gore Vidal” in which the couple amusingly recall how a shared affection for that author solidified their relationship.

Jangly, dreamy, every-so-slightly jazzy mid-tempo pop songs seem to be Monroe and Lechner’s comfort zone. Several of the best songs are in that vein, but there are enough of them that they blend together a bit.

Director Scott Elliott has assembled a tasty array of musical theatre’s quirkier talents. Sieber has to carry most of the show on his shoulders, and he does so amiably and ably. Steele plays “I’m so much more than a pretty blond” to a T.  Susan Blackwell gives adoption agent Anne a coolly disciplined edge, barely concealing great wells of compassion. Sterling musical comedians Ann Harada, Tyler Maynard and Brooke Sunny Moriber are their usual hilarious selves in a collection of roles.

The Kid addresses the important issue of gays adopting in a largely satisfying way. It’s not the best show in town, it’s a bit on the long side, but it does the job and manages to be more entertaining than not.

For tickets, click here.

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